Sunday, August 7, 2011

How does your web site perform?

I found a cool site to test my web site's performance:
All you have to do is give them the URL of your site. I did a performance test test for my .NET 007 site. :)

Performance review

First byte time, Keep-Alive (no of objects in the request), GZip text (Compressing objects), Compress images, cache static, combine css/java script, Use a CDN - mine is Google - , minify JS(use gzip), proper cookie usage
Above statistics will show how to improve performance by minimizing no of objects, compressing images and java script files, minimizing requests for java script or css files by combining them in a one file etc. with the url and performance gain if you optimize the site.

Also, there will be a full optimization check list for each request.

Page speed optimization check

Content break down by MIME type

Gaphical representation of the requests for different content such as images, java script files, css pages are given here.

Content break down by domain

Requests for the web site by different domains and the no. of bytes are shown.

Screen shots

Screen shots of the web site during different stages in page rendering are also given with a summery of what actually happened during rendering.

Finally, this is my result:

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