Saturday, January 2, 2016

Issues while setting up Jade (Java Agent Development Framework)

Use the following command to avoind the errors given below:

java -cp "jade.jar:(path to your classes)" jade.Boot -agents nickName:(fully qualified name for the agent class E.g., packageName:className)

java -cp "jade.jar:Control-0.0.1-SNAPSHOT.jar" jade.Boot -agents buy:Examples.BookBuyerAgent

Possible errors due to issues in class path or class name:

Error creating the Profile [Can't load properties: Cannot find file buyer:BookBuyerAgent]
jade.core.ProfileException: Can't load properties: Cannot find file buyer:BookBuyerAgent
    at jade.core.ProfileImpl.(
    at jade.Boot.main(

jade.Boot: No such file or directory

SEVERE: Cannot create agent buyer: Class BookBuyerAgent for agent ( agent-identifier :name buyer@ ) not found - Caused by:  BookBuyerAgent