Thursday, June 18, 2009

Advantages of…

Advantages of Interfaces

Makes the code cleaner and reusable
Functionality is defined but not
implemented; so definition is separated by implementation.
You can define a
single implementation which can define multiple interfaces
(Interfaces of C#
are provided as a replacement of multiple inheritance)
Interfaces are better
in situations in which you do not need to inherit implementation from a base
Structures cannot inherit classes but they can implement
(So, this is useful when you can’t use inheritance)
Easy to develop by a team
Interfaces are a logical way of grouping
objects according to the functionality/behavior
Enhances abstraction

Advantages of Inheritance

Code reusability
Derived classes and base class can be used
Derived classes can extend base class’s functionality with
specific methods.
(Base class should leave the specific method implementation
to derived classes so that any kind of enhancement/extension is
Code can move from general purpose classes to very specific classes
by adding additional functionality at the each level.
Ability to make changes
to the base class that will appear in all derived classes
Data hiding (Base
class can keep some members private so that they cannot be altered by derived

Advantages of partial classes

You can split the class definition to multiple source files.
It separates the
designer generated code (in UI) from business logic.
Team can develop the
code as separate blocks. (Multiple developers can work simultaneously)
to differentiate the automatically generated code and user implemented
All the sections of the code will combine at the compile
Improves code readability

Advantages of generics in .NET 2.0

Reduce runtime errors (If there is any error in type casting it will be detected
at the compile time rather than throwing an exception in the
Improves performance – Generics do not require boxing and unboxing
as opposed to ‘object’ type.
Type safety
Avoid code duplication
You can
use constraints in case you want to go beyond the capabilities of the Object

Advantages of delegates

Type safety
Encapsulates a method with a specific signature
Provides an
object-oriented, more secure functionality of a function pointers in
Allow decoupling between the event sender and event receiver.
When an
event occurs we can call one or more functions simultaneously

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